An introduction to Biblical prescriptions by James L. Marcum M.D.

Excited about seeing dramatic improvements in your health? We believe that the truths found in God's word have the power to lead you and your community towards experiencing optimal health. As a preface to beginning the bible study curriculum, we invite you to learn firsthand from Dr. Marcum about why this approach of Biblical prescriptions is so vital for our society today. In this three-part video presentation you'll hear from Dr. Marcum on the topics of why we are sick, what the Bible says regarding health, and how worship plays an integral role in our health. Watch the video below and then purchase the series and share it with your small group.

Biblical Prescriptions for Life Study Videos

These seven video sessions will take you on a seven-week life-transforming journey unlocking the secrets to healing and lifelong, whole-life wellness through physical and spiritual truths directly from the Bible, supported by science. The solution to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, mental health problems and every other acquired disease. An evidence-based approach. Each video session is approximately 20 minutes of practical, biblical instruction from Dr. James L. Marcum. These videos are designed for use with Biblical Prescriptions for Life Study Guide.