Christine's Story

Christine shares her story of battling cancer and growing with God through Biblical Prescriptions for Life.

A Pastoral Perspective

Kelvin Page,  lead pastor at Westmore Church of God, shares how Biblical Prescriptions fit into their model of building up people.

Small Group Study Leader's Perspective

Deron Austin,  small group Bible study leader, shares how Biblical Prescriptions for Life enriched his small group study.

Quotes from participants

People are doing the daily lessons and they are talking with their friends about it. Most of the folks have now developed a group of people outside of our study that they are sharing this information with. I think this is the absolute best health program I’ve been exposed to.
— Jerry A., Pastor
It totally exceeded our expectations. The in depth direction towards God through water, diet, things that I hadn’t looked at before... it really turned out to be a beautiful thing.
— Richard M., Firefighter
I think health is one of the key components to reaching others. Christ reached these people where they were and healed many of them, and in doing so he was able to reach their hearts.
— Linda G., Production Supervisor