Biblical Prescriptions for Life

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A Bible based health study presented by James L. Marcum, M.D., named by USA Today as one of the most influential physicians in his field. This seven-week life-transforming study reveals God's plan for healing and lifelong, whole-life wellness through physical and spiritual truths directly from the Bible, supported by science. The solution to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, mental health problems and every other acquired disease. An evidence-based approach.

Jumpstart your health

Jumpstart your health today by starting your journey with the Biblical Prescriptions for Life Study Guide and DVD, which provide over two hours of teaching by Dr. Marcum along with daily personal study lessons. 

Lead A small group study

Think you're not cut out to lead? Neither did Moses. Biblical Prescriptions for Life has been designed to be as simple as gathering your friends, playing the weekly videos, and asking a few questions. Be strong and courageous!

share in your community

How is your church serving the community? Biblical Prescriptions for Life follows Jesus method of meeting people's physical needs before introducing them to the Father. Consider how this approach could serve your communities needs.

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James L. Marcum, M.D., named by USA Today as one of the most influential physicians in his field.